5 innovative methods to make your rigid boxes more engaging

Rigid boxes are one of the most common types of packaging that is used for a broader range of products. These boxes are manufactured from rigid paper board materials. They are designed to retain the freshness and originality of the packaged items for a long time. In their manufacturing state of the art tools and technologies are used.

They are also printable owing to their smooth surface. Digital and offset printing technologies can be used to empower them with high-quality prints, catchy graphics, and all possible branding aspects. All these aspects make them outstanding for all packaging purposes, from gifting to branding, retailing, storage, and shipping.

Engaging and attractive packaging is the need of every brand and business to maximize its sales and profitability. In this regard, people adopt different techniques and methods. Rigid boxes can also be an excellent tool by using innovative tricks while designing them. The following are 5 useful yet innovative methods to use for making these boxes engaging.

Don’t Afraid, Be different

The reason behind the success of different brands and people is their different thing from the rest of the world. In this respect, Apple’s success can be a perfect example for you. They think differently from the world and explore new things, and are successful. The same you can do for your required customized rigid box. Just think differently while designing them. Think of the aspects that other brands and retailers are missing in their packaging solutions.

It has been observed that people always go for products that are packaged differently more than randomly packaged products. To go differently while designing your cubic boxes, there might be many things that you can add to make them attractive. For example, you can go for round the corners, hinged tops, zippers for closures, and other such features. It will help you come up with the most attractive and unique kind of quadrangle boxes.

Add Engaging Sensory Features

Shopping could be a boring thing for a lot of people. Brands need to add some fun and engaging aspects to the product packaging to make it a positive activity for buyers. In this regard, your basic goal must be to energize the shopping experience of your customers with your packaging solutions. Activating the sense of customers is the major thing in making a packaging outfit attractive and engaging.

You can do this by going beyond the visuals. Though visuals are quite important for customer attraction, elements for activating customers’ buying sense are also important. To activate that sense, you can add window cutouts to increase product visibility. You can add all such features that can help your customers understand the packaged item. It will not just increase the attraction of your boxes but will also result in an increase in sales and profitability.

Keep Things Consistent

Another useful method of making your cubic boxes engaging is going for design consistency. Packaging box design’s alignment with all of your marketing materials and website theme is of great importance. Brands use this technique for their product packaging solutions and are getting the best results. Keep the tone and language similar to the material on your website and promotional materials.

In addition, this alignment should remain intact for brand logos, colors, images, and visual elements as well. This always makes a great impression on customers about the brand. In case if you cannot maintain consistency and alignment of box design with stated channels, you may lose a massive part of your brand equity. You may lose customers’ trust and love for your products. So, using this technique for your required custom rigid boxes can benefit you in many ways.

Intent to Overdeliver

Overdelivering means providing customers with additional value for their spent time and money unexpectedly. This is the tactic that always helps brands to make customers feel care for them. Whatever product you are selling, if your packaging could not help you appreciate customers, you cannot win their trust. In this way, you can offer unexpected value to your customers by getting creative with your packaging boxes.

There are multiple brands and businesses that are taking advantage of this technique to set their products apart. One of the best examples of using this technique is the design of Fit Buns’ packaging that expresses the packaged item very creatively. This useful technique is also applicable for your rigid box printing wholesale solutions. Using this tactic to overdeliver and make your boxes engaging can help you get the best possible results in every aspect.

Go Green

Going green is another most useful and effective method for making your packaging solutions engaging and attractive. In todays’ shopping practices, the demand for green packaging is very high. The main reason behind this rise in demand for green packages is the increase in awareness among people about environmental health. People are becoming conscious about the packaging of their required products.

In this regard, the selection of packaging materials is very important. You must be using high-quality yet eco-friendly cardboard, kraft paper, and other paper board materials for the manufacturing of your packaging boxes. Custom boxes will help you attract eco-minded customers along with letting you play your part in the betterment of environmental health.

Making rigid boxes attractive can help you stand out from the rest. In this respect, the discussed techniques are found incredible. Taking benefit of these methods and tactics, you can make your packaging solutions unbeatable in every aspect. From building a brand identity to winning customers’ trust and caring for the environment, you will be getting the best solutions.


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