Best Easy-To-Clean Materials to Use in Home Renovation

When we choose the materials for a renovation, we usually take into account factors such as resistance, price, and external appearance. However, it is important to opt for easy-to-clean materials, especially in certain rooms, or at least choose non-porous materials that allow easy cleaning.

We are going to review some of the easiest materials to clean for houses, their characteristics, and the reasons why they will help us in the daily cleaning of our homes.


According to Cambridge renovations experts, All ceramic materials for houses will be of great help when it comes to cleaning our homes.

Ceramic is a smooth and very little porous material in all its variants, which means that any remaining dirt will remain on the outside, instead of penetrating the interior of the material.

We can install ceramic anywhere in our house, from the floor to the wall covering, in areas with very intense use, such as the kitchen and bathroom. Ceramic is an exceptional material, due to the facilities it offers when cleaning thoroughly.


Natural quartz

Natural stone is in fashion, and the fact is that the appearance provided by this type of material is unique, both in kitchens and in other spaces in the house. However, some stones such as granite are very porous and can cause problems when cleaning them.

Natural quartz is a smooth material with very little porosity, so as with ceramic materials, cleaning is simple and immediate.

Also, natural quartz countertops are a perfect solution for people who are looking for a resistant, natural workspace and at the same time very easy to clean.


Micro cement

A reform with micro cement is a perfect solution for floors, among other advantages, micro cement for floors generates a compact surface that prevents the appearance of pores, therefore any stain remains on the surface of the floor and can be easily cleaned.

Microcement is based on the application of a layer of cement without the need for expansion joints, which therefore offers a continuity that very few materials guarantee.

This type of surface has become fashionable, especially in kitchens, due to the polished appearance it achieves, its resistance, and the ease it offers regarding maintenance and cleaning.



Porcelain for bathrooms is one of the easiest materials to clean. Basic maintenance on porcelain floors, walls, and toilets prevents the appearance of germs and dirt.

Simply with basic cleaning, we can remove any remaining dirt on a porcelain base, also ending bacteria and other materials that we do not see, but that can be a threat in porous materials.

Many times we think that porcelain materials are not resistant, or that they do not offer the benefits that we do obtain with other ceramic or natural materials. However, porcelain for houses is treated to remain intact for a long time.


Stainless steel

Finally, stainless steel is another of the materials that, especially in kitchens, allows us to carry out simple and quick cleaning, avoiding continuous maintenance and cleaning work.

Steel repels dirt and prevents a stain from sticking, with a simple pass we can remove any remaining dirt on a stainless steel surface, also avoiding the appearance of bacteria related to cooking.

Steel is in fashion due to the rise of the industrial style, this type of kitchen has a very particular image, which also makes it a very functional space.


Importance of materials in kitchens and bathrooms

A home requires permanent maintenance and cleaning work, but there are rooms in which this type of task is more important, especially in the kitchen and bathrooms.

The kitchen is a workspace in which all kinds of stains can occur, usually related to the cooking process, while the bathroom usually retains part of the humidity, giving rise to germs and bacteria that we must eliminate.

When considering the price of reforming a kitchen, the choice of materials in this room, as well as in the bathroom, will make a difference.

It is important to compare the prices of the companies which you are going to hire for your home renovation. The Renovators of Canada provides kitchen renovation, basement renovation, and bathroom renovations in Greater Toronto Area (GTA).


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