Roof insulation methods of protection

What the microclimate will be like in the house and its service life depend on the quality of the roof structure. Mandatory components of proper roof insulation are measures to protect the system from precipitation, condensation, and heat loss through the roof.

The most critical point due to which the roof functions effectively is insulation, ensuring its durability.

Roof design features

The roof is a multi-layered cake, each component performing a specific function. Arrange the layers in a strictly fixed order, which determines the constructed roof’s quality and operational characteristics.

The order of arrangement of roof insulation in the roofing pie is as follows:

  • laid a thermal insulation layer in the spaces between the rafters. On the one hand, in cold weather, it prevents heat loss through the roof; on the other hand, it protects from heat in summer.
  • placed the waterproofing layer on the sheathing packed onto the rafters. The primary function of this layer is to protect the under-roof space from the penetration of precipitation. Between this layer of roof insulation and the insulation, a gap is required for ventilation, through which condensate vapors will be discharged.
  • Hemm the vapor barrier along the bottom of the rafters. This type of insulation prevents condensation from accumulating in the insulation layer.

How to choose roof insulation materials

Roofing – insulation – a tandem that can be considered the key to comfortable living conditions in the house and its durability. The primary functional purpose of unique materials used in roof insulation is to support the mode necessary for the operation of the under-roof space.


Insulation that prevents moisture penetration is laid immediately after installing the heat-insulating layer and filling the counter-lattice beams on the rafters. This solution allows you to create a ventilation gap necessary for good air circulation between the specified layers of roof insulation.

Waterproofing is selected, taking into account.

  • type of roof and roof covering, for example, for a flat roof – waterproofing with mastic or weld-on materials; for a pitched top – waterproofing films;
  • climate features.

Roofing material Izol is usually understood as materials for home insulation Central Coast that are classified as rolled overlays, such as hydrosol. In this case, it is undoubtedly the best adhesive available. The bitumen-based adhesive composition provides better adhesion to the outer bitumen coating of the glued insulating material.

removing the film from the drain

When laying the membrane, it is necessary to insulate the joints of the sheets to prevent moisture from draining from these areas of the film insulator with micro-perforation onto the heat insulator.

As a rule, the design of the under-roof diffusion membrane assumes its proximity to third-party components, for example, ventilation ducts, chimneys, etc.

Install the waterproofing layer correctly

  • lay waterproofing under the entire roof, including overhangs along the gables and eaves;
  • the bottom sheet of the waterproofing layer must be brought beyond the overhang of the eaves either into the drain or the front board.

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Password isolation

Functionally, the vapor barrier layer prevents water vapor from entering the insulation. They penetrate the under-roof space from the interior during diffusion and convection processes. Pairs of this kind result from the life activities of the people living there, for example, cooking, washing or bathing, and more.

The most essential characteristics of such a film are two parameters:

  • vapor permeability, which depends on the density of the raw materials used in production, and the higher these indicators, the higher the level of vapor barrier;
  • the degree of tensile strength must be pretty high so that, firstly, mechanical stresses that may arise in the roof structure do not violate the integrity of the vapor barrier and, secondly, the vapor barrier layer must be able to withstand the load from the weight of the insulation that has lost its elasticityy.

Thermal insulation

It help solve the issue of energy saving. Thermal insulation increases the thermal resistance of the roof covering, which leads to a decrease in heat flow.

In addition, thermal insulation materials:

  • level out temperature fluctuations in the coating, which eliminates the formation of cracks associated with uneven temperature fluctuations;
  • they shift the dew point closer to the outer layer of insulation, due to which it is possible to prevent dampening of the coating array;
  • form a favorable microclimate in the room since, on the one hand, the temperature of the surface of the coating on the inside increases, and on the other, the differences in the internal temperature of the air in the room and the ceiling coating decrease;

The range of materials for thermal insulation is very diverse, and they all have different technical characteristics. The choice of insulation depends on specific parameters:

  • Thermal conductivity. The lower the thermal conductivisty of the insulation, the more effective it is both in summer and winter.
  • Volume weight. This indicator determines the method of installing the heat insulator and the type of supporting structure. Its values ​​vary from 11,000 to 350,000 g.
  • Form stability. Thermal performance indicators of insulation are higher for materials that, on slopes with a significant gradient, better retain their shape under the load of their weight.
  • Vapor permeability. The choice of roof design depends on the value of the vapor permeability coefficient. The lower the vapor permeability coefficient, the less water vapor will pass through the insulation.
  • Flammability.
  • Soundproofing. High-quality insulation simultaneously absorbs external noise.
  • Roof insulation installation is one of the critical stages of roof installation. The efficiency and durability of the roof depend on the quality of the solution to the problem of roofing and insulation.

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