Sell your old books and learn to communicate effectively

Books have been a vital part of human growth. The oral transfer of knowledge was the norm before. As human mind started to explore more realms, thee arose a need to write things down on a sheet of paper. The progress of writing from stones to barks and leaves that lead to writing on papers is a story to tell. We have progressed with books. Books play a major role in a person’s life. Think of a person who achieved success but doesn’t read books. You failed, right ? Every great person had been a fan of books. However, the subjects we delve upon differ. Some with to be sword sharp and read high intellect books. Most of them would be non-fiction books. They seem dry but provide profound insights about life and work. Some wish to lose themselves in the world of fantasy. They want to float in oceans of milk and fight with orcs. That is their world. Although that might seem useless in the context of real fife, those stories offer lessons that no self-book would ever tell. Does t sound strange ? Get your hands on a fantasy novel and read it.

Online world of books

We have been reading books since a while. If not, we wouldn’t be reading this essay here. If we have come so far, that means the books play a major role in our life. Some of our rooms would be filled with books. How many books do you have stacked in your shelf ? Maybe a lot. Do you think you have read all those books ? You might never revisit some books that you have read them. You might never reread those books. It’s not that you do not like them, but the reasons could be a hundred. The books haven’t touched you deeply or the books are not for your taste. As I said, opinions on books are subjective. So, what do you want to do with them ? Do you want to stack them up until they gather so much dust that there begins an empire of dust and dreams within the book ? Think on that. Because there is a golden opportunity to sell old books online.

 Let’s sell your books

 Did you think and make your mind ? Just try a few more steps. Get your books down. Spread them on the floor. Pick each book, and you know you will be sucked into the world of memories. Some book’s memories will seem profound, while others just feel like a stack of paper bundles. Some books would pull some strings in your heart so gracefully that you would wish to share those books with someone else. If you really wish to share them, why you’d waste the chance by giving it you your not-so-thankful classmate. There is a platform to sell old books online where you can share your books. Not only share them, you will be earning few bucks too. Now, don’t think of having a pizza with that money. You need books, my friend.

Speak well to sell

 We have found a platform to sell your books. The internet is the boss. It is definitely one for those who fancy to call themselves ‘introverts’. You can sit at your home, and exchange books. Just a few clicks and the delivery guy will come to collect your books. The payment will be made online. But, is everything going to be this way? Is everything going to just happen with a few clicks? Won’t you ever be in a need to talk to anyone ? You will. You have to. There are instances where you wouldn’t even be able to make your first sale without speaking. And if you keep calling yourself ‘Introvert’ and confine to your room.How would you be achieving anything ? You have me and your parents to make feel proud of.

 Importance of effective communication

The world has been connected. We can sit at our table and talk to someone sitting thousands of miles away. This is a book that our previous generations never had. But this boon demands something from you. If you want yourself to go out to the world and show its skills, you must be able to advertise it. You need to have the ability to speak out your thoughts clearly. Listening to what others say and understanding them is equally vital. When there strikes a balance inside yourself -between your listening capacity and speaking skills, You’ll make it big. You will not be confined between four walls. You will be able to sell your skills graciously at any corner of this world.

Precise speaking has built kingdoms. Manipulation has changed the course of the world multiple times. A good listener gets to move mountains with his intellect. Everything is possible. You just need to tap the right areas. You just need to buy and read some good books on effective communication skills.

 There is a book

 I would not like to leave you on strange waters. I have written to you about the importance of good books on communication skills. But do you know where to search and what to buy ? Let me make your job easy.

There are several aspects to making a perfect discourse. One must listen carefully to what the speaker says. He must process the information properly inside his head. Then he has to reproduce his own thoughts based on what he listened. It is a semi-complex process. While there are several books that dissect each part, the number of books that cover all the topics are limited. Those are precious gems.

One of those best books to improve communication skills, ‘The Communication book : 44 ideas’ stands apart with its unique qualities. This book cowritten by Michael Krogerus and Roman Tschappler holds the entire universe of the communication aspect together. This book involves a step-by-step guide on several, far-reaching branches of a discourse. It gives tips on how to listen and properly digest information. It guides you on the preparation to your vital seminal. Likewise, it teaches to you stay strong and handle difficult questions.

One of the greatest aspect of the book is that it’s just not a theory of discourse.  The tips learned there could be then and there applied in real life scenarios.


 While you could get away with selling off old books online, it’s not as easy in other hurdles that you stumble through your life. Books on effective communication such as ‘The Communication Book : 44 idea’ holds your hand to cross obstacles with you. The path seems mush greener and the success tastes sweeter. Get your deserved copies. Book it now.


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