Top Comedy YouTubers in India 

Top Comedy YouTubers in India 


How was your day? Indeed, you spent a considerable amount of time browsing through videos of your favorite YouTuber. You are Not AloneEvery. Every day, billion goes on the world’s most popular video streaming platform to meet their entertainment and information needs. YouTube has grown into a hub, providing opportunities for every talented individual to showcase their skills and expertise, earning recognition from interested audiences. Likewise, comedy is a popular medium, and at the helm are Top comedy YouTubers in India, who continue to entertain billions of Indians.


The leading Indian comedy YouTubers have great content composing different formats of comedy. You may like stand-up comedy with satire and dark humor. Maybe improv is your thing. Musicals and observational comedies are also all the hype in India. The top comedy YouTubers in India are here for all entertainment needs.


The respect and admiration the subject matter experts have earned throughout their careers make them favorites in shaping audience perceptions. So, if you are a business that wants to capitalize on the reach and influence of Indian comedy YouTubers, then please go through our list that we have compiled with assistance from a top Influencer marketing company – Grynow.


Top Comedy YouTube Channels in India 


Ashish Chanchlani 


Ashish Chanchlani from Ulhasnagar, Maharashtra, India, is a famous internet celebrity, content creator, and YouTuber with millions of subscribers. He is renowned for his explosive, hilarious, and satirical comedy sketches. 


Ashish puts great effort into planning his videos – from writing scripts, selecting the cast, and creating multiple self-personas. Ashish delivers that catchy dialogue at the right moment to get his audience laughing out loud. And through his comedy, the Indian comedy YouTuber addresses social issues and other relatable topics. Ashish Chanchlani has worked with several organizations to promote production services that could positively change his audience’s lives.


Ashish Chanchlani has an impressive record of collaborating with other famous YouTubers, Bollywood celebrities, and singers. His unparalleled communication and ability to meet audiences’ expectations make him one of the top comedy YouTubers in India.


Zakir Khan 


Zakir Khan is one of India’s most lovable and respected stand-up comedians and actors, known for his emotional, relatable, and humorous comedies. He takes inspiration from events that happen in India and around the world. He makes fun of many topics that relate to the Indian masses. Growing up in Madhya Pradesh, Zakir Khan always wanted to be an entertainer. He worked at a radio station for a while before venturing into comedy.


Today, Zakir Khan performs in sold-out stadiums and arenas worldwide. He is a significant subscriber based on YouTube, where he uploads videos weekly. His content garners hundreds of thousands of views, likes, and comments within days of upload. Zakir Khan is also the creator of the famous Sakht Launda catchphrase circling the internet. Multiple OTT platforms have collaborated with this Indian comedy YouTuber to create comedy specials.


Harsh Beniwal 


Next on our list of top comedy YouTubers in India is Harsh Beniwal, who has gained tremendous fame and recognition for his relatable comedy sketches and vlogs. Husk came into the public LimeLight with Vines, a trending format at the time. Harsh later expanded his talents into multiple entertainment verticals; hence, he can appease a diverse crowd through his humor.

Harsh Beniwal creates videos on trending topics and has a robust online presence on multiple social media platforms. He has worked with many popular labels to promote fashion and Lifestyle products. Harsh Beniwal can sing and act; he appeared in several music videos and series. The Indian comedy YouTuber is versatile and can fit into any role perfectly.


Vir Das 


Vir Das is amongst the top Indian stand-up comedians who have left a global mark. He is staunch and upfront with his comedy approach. His comedy skits address vital political and social topics, drawing criticism and admiration. Through his efforts, Vir Das has brought the world’s focus to India and the country’s contribution to comedy. Moreover, Vir Das has also enjoyed a successful stint as an actor, appearing in several Bollywood movies.


Vir Das tours different countries for his stand-up comedy shows, hence enjoys a diverse audience enthralled by his satirical dark humor. The comedian writes his performances and has impeccable dialogue delivery and facial expression. Owing to his reputation as one of the top comedy YouTubers in India, Vir Das has many awards and accolades to his name.


Abhishek Upmanyu 


Next, from Delhi, we have a versatile stand-up comedian, Abhishek Upmanyu, who can turn trending topics about politics, relationships, and culture into anecdotal humor. Abhishek has multiple stand-up comedy specials to his name. He uses Instagram to keep his audience updated on his upcoming shows. Furthermore, he uploads videos from his live performances on YouTube, which brings a ton of engagement to his channel.


Abhishek Upmanyu is the epitome of entertainment; constantly trying to improve his comedy style through different humor and expression variations has made him one of India’s most loved comedy YouTubers. His popularity worldwide continues to grow every day.


Kenny Sebastian 


Kenny Sebastian can entertain any audience with comedy, music, and acting. Born and raised in Kerala, Kenny Sebastian made himself prominent with different verticals of wit and humor. He observes the world around him and creates satirical comedy from trending events. Since taking up the mantle as one of the best comedy YouTubers in India, Kenny Sebastian has toured the world performing in front of thousands. 


Kenny Sebastian keeps his comedy clean and family-friendly. The Indian comedy YouTuber has established a solid social media presence and enjoys the loyalty of a dedicated community. He uses Twitter and Instagram to keep his audience posted about upcoming shows and events.



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